Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good Christmas

Well, I had a good Christmas. I got my first cell phone, and a new board game. I have played it three times and have won it everytime. My cell phone is prepaid. I have to buy my own minutes, but that's better than not having one. If you comment tell me about your Christmas. Oh, yeah, and our Christmas dinner was sooooooooooo good. Remember, tell me about your whole Christmas.
Keep Blogging


  1. Hi sis I will keep bolgging.
    I like your post you keep blogging to.

  2. Erie,
    I just went over to my aunt's to open presents and open my presents at home from my family after that. I would give more details, but I can't remember exactly what we had to eat or anything. Until we meet again, Squeal at a pig and eat a bunch of sky.

  3. Hey Erie,
    We had a good Christmas, and lots of good food too.
    That's cool that you won your game so many times! It sounds fun.
    You have a blessed, and happy new year.
    I like it when you write. Keep posting on your blog.
    Love ya